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CLiR assists asset managers and companies looking to raise capital from retail investors through the Independent Broker Dealer and RIA markets by providing a suite of design, implementation, and distribution services.  Our specialty is smaller offerings ($25-100MM) combined with the utilization of innovative and creative deal structures that meet the demands of the current market.  Our goal is to create a timely sales cycle, accompanied by greater investment simplicity, investor understanding, market reach, and alignment of interest.

Our Focus:

  1. Preferred stock offerings of public companies

  2. Reg. A+ bond and preferred offerings for private companies

  3. Asset or portfolio recapitalization through 1031/DSTs

  4. Tax advantaged strategies

Our Value:

Raising capital in the independent broker dealer and RIA markets is notoriously complicated, laborious, and expensive.  Building a capital markets team from scratch requires significant initial and ongoing investment and offers limited economies of scale.  The CLiR platform allows a company or asset manager the exposure required to raise capital by only paying for what they need and by providing access to expertise within the retail investor markets at a fraction of the cost.  By focusing only on structures or asset classes where demand exists, we strive to lower the cost of capital even further by shortening the sales cycle.

In conjunction with our Managing Broker Dealer, Arkadios Capital, CLiR can serve as a full-service turnkey operation, or create a customized suite of consulting services

Product Design (Building the right offering for today's market)

  • Competitive Modeling and Analysis

    • See where your offering stacks up against the competitors with similar structures or asset classes.

  • Vendor Referral and Selection

    • We have an established network of best-in-class providers for each specific product structure and need.
  • Due Diligence Report Assistance

    • With only one opportunity to achieve a favorable Due Diligence report, experienced preparation is invaluable.

Product Design

Implementation (Streamline, and simplify the transaction while broadening the scope of sales)

  • Managing Broker Dealer Access

    • Pathway to tap into the Broker Dealer community

    • FINRA filings

    • CUSIP Acquisition and Registration

    • DTC Eligibility

  • Back Office Support

    • Clearing Firm Introductions and Relationships

      • Assistance in getting offerings added to the various clearing firms so they can be accessed by the BDs and RIAs who utilize those platforms.

    • Third-party Custodians Introductions and Relationships

      • Assistance in getting offerings added to the different custodians needed to hold qualified funds such as 401k or IRA monies.

    • NIGO Cure and Paperwork Submission Assistance

      • We can work with the selling group to ensure that paperwork is in good order and ready to be processed.

    • Redemption Coordination

    • AIP Membership

    • Trading Support

  • Vendor Relationship Management

    • Our established relationships at each vendor mean we know who to call to get things done, the first time.

  • Marketing Consulting

    • Marketing Material Design

      • Our preferred graphic design experts, combined with our in-house expertise, can make material eye catching, engaging and compliant.

    • Compliance Review Consulting

      • FINRA advertising rules are very strict and often seem overly complicated to new sponsors. Our experience in creating approved advertising material is vital in eliminating unnecessary approval delays.

    • Physical Production

      • Our platform provides volume discounts from our printing vendors who consistently produce high quality, professional pieces at a significantly reduced cost.

    • Web Hosting

      • We can host a dedicated page on our website with all approved forms and marketing materials.

    • Warehousing, Inventory, & Fulfillment

      • We have the ability to store, keep track of, and ship out marketing materials at discounted volume rates.

    • Subscription Paperwork Design

      • We can design intuitive documents that offer greater simplicity and ease-of-use.

    • Fillable PDFs/ DocuSign Templates

  • National Accounts Intelligence

    • Identify potential Selling Agreements/BDs relationships

      • We prioritize and segment broker dealers according to each asset class and structure to optimize syndication of the selling group.

    • Introductions to Due Diligence Officers and centers of influence

      • We make sure to get each sponsor in front of the right people quickly and efficiently through roadshows, industry events, and one-on-one meetings.

    • Coordinate and facilitate back office Due Diligence visits

Distribution (Focused approach of selling where there is known demand)

  • Access to CLiR CRM/Salesforce Data

    • Historical Sales Intelligence

      • Our CRM database has over 7 years of active data management from meetings, calls and conferences with only the individuals licensed to sell alternative investments.

      • Identify target advisors that have previously used a similar structure or asset class.

    • Access to CLiR’s Prior Product/Upcoming Liquidity Info

  • Active Marketing Campaigns

    • Webinar Organization and Management

    • Due Diligence Events

    • Email Drip Campaigns

    • Trade and BD/RIA Conference Support

    • Warehousing & Fulfillment

      • We can handle the storage, shipment, and tracking of all your conference materials.

    • Booth Design and Promo Items

      • Our experience attending these events lends itself to a deep knowledge of what draws a crowd and what sort of items advisors are looking to take home.

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